Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Book Blogger Meet Up- April 24th

It was just over a week ago that I noticed some tweets from others who would be attending the Kimberly Derting event at Powell's bookstore in Beaverton. It ended up that some of us decided to meet up before the event. Since I live close to the Powell's, I recommended heading to Ava's Roasteria which is only a couple minutes away from the bookstore.

So upon arrival at Ava's I knew I was looking for at least one author, Lisa Burnstein, whose debut young adult novel has been just released through Amazon and Barnes and Noble even though it's official release date is May 15th. I was also looking for Candace from Candace's Book Blog and her two kids, Michelle from The Passionate Bookworm and Sara from Novel Novice. I had only 'met' these amazing ladies via twitter so I was a little nervous but excited about meeting some new people.

Photo Credit: Mel

Upon arrival at Ava's I found Lisa and sat down to chat while waiting for the other ladies to arrive. I really enjoyed getting to know Lisa and asking her questions about her book and life. After a few minutes Sara, Candace and her two kids arrived and joined us. It was turning into a fun little party! We sat and introduced ourselves and Sara even gave us cards from her blog. Lisa was sweet and gave us bookmarks from her new book "Pretty Amy", which I am so excited about buying. You can't tell in my photo (sorry it's dark) but on the bookmark she is a girl in a prom dress sitting in a jail cell. After getting slightly lost, Michelle showed up and then it was time to head to Powell's for the author event.

Photo credit: Michelle
As you can see above Kimberly Derting is talking to us about "The Last Echo". She talked about the entire Body Finder series as well as talking about "The Pledge" which is the book I had bought upon hearing about her original author date event. (Heavy snow caused that event to be postponed to April) I was intrigued by her descriptions of "The Body Finder" as well as the rest of the series and ended up buying the first two books, which she later signed for me :) Kimberly was riveting and I loved hearing about her writing process. After she was done talking there was the usual question and answer session. Kimberly's talk of creepy things must have been too much for Powell's as the lights went out at the end of that portion of the evening.

Photo credit: Michelle

This is our group waiting in the darkness for our turns to talk to Kimberly and have her sign our books. From L to R: Sara, Mel, Candace and her kids, Michelle and Vy. (Vy met up with us at the event!)

Photo credit: Mel

Kimberly signed all 3 of my books. She also gave us each a small bottle of nail polish that goes along with her Body Finder series. I'm slightly creeped out knowing that it is not a happy storyline that matches up with the polish.

Disclosure: I wrote this to share about meeting so many wonderful ladies. I have not been asked, paid or given any items in exchange for this post. All thoughts, wording and mistakes are my own. Photos are mine unless noted otherwise.

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