Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Joëlle Anthony & Holly Cupala visit Portland

On Saturday May 6th at 2 p.m. at Powell's in Beaverton, OR we were honored to have the very lovely Joëlle Anthony and Holly Cupala visit for an author event to talk about their latest books.  Joëlle's new book is 'The Right and the Real' (shown above on the top right in red).  Holly's new book is 'Don't Breathe a Word' (shown top left with a face on the cover and yellow font)

Holly started us off with an introduction about herself and read an excerpt from her book that mentions Portland.  Thanks for the Portland shout out Holly!  Holly also mentioned that she has a new baby who is adorable by the way, and that she was lacking sleep.  Well we thought you were just great Holly and hope you get more sleep soon!

Joëlle shared from her first chapter, and warned us we needed to read the first 4 pages since she was starting on page 4.  :)  Joëlle also had some fun games where I was able to find a magnet on the bottom of a chair and won a lovely theo Mint Dark Chocolate bar.  She talked about how Fair Trade coffee and chocolate are important to her and her book.  After the event, Candace and I went to New Seasons and Candace bought 2 bars of chocolate. NOM.  I finally finished mine today and it was delicious.

Holly also talked about how she knows Joëlle

Candace of Candace's Book Blog with Holly Cupala

Holly signing 'Don't Breathe a Word'

Holly and Joëlle

We really enjoyed having the opportunity to hear both Joëlle and Holly share their books and time with us.  It was great fun and we really loved talking to them after the event as well as getting our books signed!  Thanks ladies for coming 3 hours south to Portland. We hope you come back soon!

If you missed Holly the first time she is COMING BACK to Portland on Saturday May 12 at 1pm over at A Children's Place!  Here are the event details.

You can find both these lovely ladies on Twitter: Holly and Joëlle

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