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Spring Into The Future Event Recap

Spring Into the Future Event

These ladies were seriously a Hoot and a half. Yeah you heard me. A HOOT! 
They began discussing their books. 
Sharing what they were about to the new readers in the audience. 
Me thinks their minds were in the Gutters just a tad. 

When Anna Carey began sharing about her book she was calm as she described it. Til she got to where Eve runs away from her school and she "Meets a boy who....opens her up in a whole new way." .. * she then raises an eyebrow and repeats "opens her up. . in a whole new way!" And that was the audience cue to bust up laughing! .. Maybe you had to be there.

Up next was Tahereh Mafi. I was super excited to hear her talk because she is just hilarious to follow on twitter! She did not disappoint!! She gets into telling about her story. All of us totally entranced. And then she suddenly pauses, and her head snapped to the side and she went " ooooooh ... They brought Coffee!" (this is the above picture where they all began clapping at the employee bringing them said coffee) Coffee in hand she proceeded " So...it's a story about coffee "... *chuckles all around* Then HER mind followed Anna Carey's as she continues on with telling the audience what Shatter Me is all about " She gets a cellmate...and it's a boy... and... STUFF happens.." *she looks knowingly over at Anna Carey* And we all laughed more and more. 

Cynthia Hand continues with this highly amusing trend after she begins to tell the audience about Unearthly ' She meets a boy, and he is ... conveniently attractive. Funny how that works out." as she looks knowingly down the table at her fellow authors. 

I KNOW Veronica Rossi said something about boys as well. But she was first up, and my notebook wasn't out yet! I'm so sorry! 

Many questions were asked of the authors. And as long as they were non spoilery they willingly answered them all. Here is just a few! : 

When asked about TV show/ Movie Deals 

Veronica Rossi replied that WB has the option to The Under The Never Sky Trilogy. And that she believed all the other ladies with her had been approached about 
TV/Movie deals as well. They all confirmed this. 
- Which one would you love to see on TV or the big screen?!

When asked about how they come up with Character names the responses were: 

Anna Carey: Arden was a street sign she saw regularly. And Cylas was the name of her kindergarten. Eve is a biblical illusion. She then said she found out recently from her father that there was an Actress named Eve Arden. She felt this was confirmation that she gave the characters the correct names because she has always felt that Eve and Arden were two halves of a whole. 

Veronica Rossi: Roar is the name of a really good wine. - this brought on some chuckles between the authors. Aria is of course an Opera Singer. And Peregrine is a bird of prey (there was a much more in depth story that confirmed this name for her.. but I was unable to catch it all down on paper!) 

Tahereh kind of got off on a tangent.. Though it was HILARIOUS so I will of course share. But because of the add on story I'm unable to remember her reasons for the characters names! 

Shatter Me's Original Title was  * drum roll....*
Touching Juliette! 
Tahereh said she could not understand why she was being told she needed a new title. She loved it. Her Family loved it and it fit the story. Then she finally understood just how awkward the title sounded. And that it would bring up all kinds of questions. "Who's touching Juliette? Where? Does Juliette want to be touched!?" And if that was book #1 What were the titles of the other books going to be!? 
#2 Licking Warner?
#3 Washing Adam?

I think we can all agree we wouldn't mind a little of that in the upcoming books right? ;) 

Cynthia Hand then shared that Unearthly's Original title was Angel Blood. But then it was realized that it was much too dark for the story she had written. Her Character names come from family and friends. Christian and Tucker were names considered for her sons. She has a friend named Wendy and a friend named Corbet Fibbs (sorry if I spelled it wrong! I tried to track it down and failed)  And Clara was a name that she came up with when she was looking for something with an Old Fashioned feel.

What are the Hardest scenes to write?

*Cynthia Hand dislikes writing romance. 
*Tahereh Mafi on the other hand loves writing romance "Kissing scenes are always fun!" But dislikes writing scenes where people die.
*Anna Carey dislikes writing romantic/racy scenes. She feels uncomfortable and wants to give her characters privacy!
*Veronica Rossi loves kissing scenes. But dislikes writing scenes that are dark, unfair and unjust. 

OK so .. I may have focused on the more romance/boy related aspects of the event. But the authors did too! They answered many more questions. But that would be a MUCH longer blog post :) I loved seeing everyone that came out to the event. I saw a little boy shouting "MOMMA THAT"S CYNTHIA" and an elderly woman probably in her 80's carrying up a stack of books to be signed. It makes me smile to see the variety of readers and fans that these authors are gaining! 

I stayed behind to get pictures and some extra swag to share soon :) So now here are some pictures! 

 From left to right we have:
Ephrielle from Hope, Love, and Happy Endings 
Me ( Michelle ) from The Passionate Bookworm 
And Vy! from Vy's Blog 
All of us are Northwest YA Book Blogger's! I loved spending time with these ladies :)

Photos taken by Michelle, Vy's Father, and one B&N Employee :)

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