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Candace & Mel Review Tallulah Falls by @cm_fletcher

Tallulah Falls by Christine Fletcher
Paperback, 400 pages
Published May 2, 2006 by Bloomsbury USA

Description from Goodreads

When Tallulah Addy sets out on an impulsive cross-country trip to rescue her best friend, she doesn't anticipate getting stranded in rural Tennessee without a dime. Nor does she guess that rescuing a dog will land her a job in the local veterinarian's office. But there, under the wary eye of ornery Dr. Poteet, Tallulah works harder than ever before, tending to animals of all shapes and sizes--and unexpectedly, to wounds long-buried in herself. Tallulah swears she'll leave the first chance she gets, yet when given the choice, it may prove harder to keep the promise to her friend than to say good-bye to the strangers who have become her new family.

Candace's Take:
Tallulah Falls snuck up on me.  I honestly don't remember hearing about this book and it was random pick at the bookstore off of the bookshelf.  When I finally sat down to read it I wasn't sure what I would think.  I can tell you that I wasn't expecting this, a fantastic ride on a journey with a girl who needs to find her way.  And fantastic it was!  

Straight away I wasn't sure about Tallulah.  She wasn't a character I liked much, as she wasn't very nice to others and kind of seemed like she mostly thought of herself.  But it wasn't long before I was 'getting' her.  I understood her anger and hurt and frustration.  I saw where she was coming from.  No, she didn't need to be a bitch about things, but it was a sort of defense mechanism.  And she wasn't like that all the time, it was just moments here and there.  And right away we see growth in her as one thing after another happens.

Most of the characters in this book were very strong and well fleshed out.  They weren't all nice, but we saw their big hearts underneath their exterior attitudes.  We saw their true colors in their actions and through the ways they subtly helped Tallulah in finding her way.  It was subtle, but kind of perfect.  I do have to note that I wish we had gotten a bit more romance, but it's not a real complaint, it wasn't a negative exactly, just something I wanted more of.  And in a way I sort of feel it was perfect with how it went.

This was a quieter and more slow paced book, but I was never bored and quickly discovered that everything that went down was important to the story, to the whole story.  From Tallulah helping save animals at the clinic to going further than that and saving a human.  From her day to day activities and her interaction to the others.  It was all Tallulah finding her way and discovering she is worth more.  
I most definitely recommend you pick this one up!

Mel's Take:
It's been a while since I read this book, but it was back before I moved to Portland, when I was working at Borders.  I love working in bookstores.  When you are shelving books or organizing sections you come across so many books that you HAVE TO READ RIGHT NOW.  This was definitely the case with this book.  The story information on the back of the book drew me in.  It was just enough to hook me.

When I started reading this book I was surprised by the way the story went.  I had not expected Tallulah to end up the one being troubled.  I really felt connected to her as a person and I knew that what she was going through was realistic.  I grew up on a farm, I could imagine the places that were talked about when she was abandoned and found the dog at an underpass at night.  I know I was a bit weepy in this book because HELLO the doggie is hurt!  I have grown up with dogs and I know if I found one that was injured I'd be calling for help and doing whatever I could to take care of it.

Tallulah faces so many challenges, believing in herself, having confidence in how to handle situations and getting to know the caring nature of the veterinary staff who she is distrustful of when she meets them.  Even though Tallulah is not in a place to see it at first, she grows up and heals and at the end I wanted to hug her for getting through everything and being on an adventure that went sideways.

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Disclosure: We were not asked to review this book. All opinions expressed are our own and we were not paid or influenced in any way.

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