Sunday, June 10, 2012

Got Books? Event held at Klindt's Books

On Saturday June 2nd, 2012 I headed out to the "Got Books?" event at the oldest bookstore in Oregon to meet twelve Young Adult authors. Those authors were Inara Scott, Colleen Houck, Jen Violi, Gregg Olsen, Katie Kacvinsky, Kendare Blake, Lissa Price, Cynthia Hand, Cat Patrick, Bree Despain, Trent Reedy, and Brodi Ashton. The bookstore also provided a hot dog lunch and musical entertainment.

I got there a half hour early and was able to witness each of the authors trickle in and set up their spots. I felt like a kid in a candy store. Cynthia was rocking her Unearthly tattoo and had setup shop in the right back corner next to Inara Scott. It was nice to listen to Inara speaking with a young boy looking for a new read. She was describing her book as: Kids with talents and a mysterious boarding school. I was really tempted to pick this one up but I had a limit on my spending. Jen was out on the right front sidewalk with her very eye catching piles of books. On the other side out front was Cat. Sadly she forgot to bring her bookmarks. :( The front side walk was decorated with chalk advertisements for the event. There was also a raffle going on for random prizes. I didn't win sadly.

In the back left corner was Colleen. She had the sweetest spot among the YA section of books. She brought Ren and Kishan along with her. They sat so majestically at her feet. It really is very sad news that they came under a curse in Tiger's Voyage and were turned into stuffed animals. I wonder how they will get out of that in Tiger's Destiny, at least Kelsey will be able to transport them around more easily. All right, don't panic, I made all that curse stuff up. Colleen was my first author to visit. I had been waiting for two months to actually meet her and not just eaves drop on her conversation at a previous event. I choked and didn't say anything I meant to say but at least I had the guts to meet her. Small improvements all around are a good thing. She gave my girl a candy which made her the best author there in my kid's eyes (and my husband's, he's such a baby). I am so excited September isn't too far away since I am dying to read Tiger's Voyage but I want to wait to read them closer together.

In the middle of the store was Trent Reedy and Katie Kavinsky. I stopped to talk to Katie and check out her book. It sounded awesome. She was so very nice and open and I enjoyed talking with her. I will have to keep my eye out for Awaken.

At the front of the store was Bree, Kendare, Lissa, Brodi, and Greg. I stopped to admire the ARC cover of Betrayal, the second book in the Empty Coffin series by Greg. It was really eye catching in person. Kendare was very imposing standing next to her scary books. She isn't even super tall or mean looking but Anna Dressed in Blood sure makes up the difference. Lissa was taking a private poll on which of the covers for Starters was the favorite. She was such a sweetheart and was kind enough to talk with me about my hesitations in reading her book. I just can't help comparing wearing other peoples bodies with wearing other peoples underwear. How would I feel if someone used my body? What did they do with it? She gladly explained that there is nothing horror related to the exchange since she is not a big fan of horror and that it is a clean read. Now I will definitely be adding her book to my pile. I really enjoyed talking with Bree about a recent interview she had done with a blogger. We were discussing the source of her inspiration for The Dark Divine series. If you aren't aware, her inspiration stemmed from an encounter with an old friend years after his family had moved. Basically, they had been really good friend and then he and his family moved away. One day, years later, he was sitting behind her and bugging her. When she called him on it he wondered why she didn't remember her old friend. He was kicked out of class and school that day. She said she discovered years later that he was the head of a gang of thieves, which is why she included one in The Lost Saint. I also love the fact that the third book is her favorite. It makes me want to read it all the more. She had a few pink nail polish bottles but my girl passed them up in favor of a piece of candy. This summer she is working to finish edits on her first book in a new series. I loved hearing that she takes her kids to the park and writes while they play. I always wonder how women with children manage to write. After that a ten year old girl came up to ask if Bree thought The Dark Divine series would be good for her to read. It was so sweet watching Bree explain that perhaps it would be too scary for her at this age.

Lastly, but certainly not least, since she is the instigator of my trip out there, Brodi was awesome! Just days before I finished reading a library copy of Everneath and it was just wow, I picked up a cover and got a guitar pick necklace. She even gave my hubby one for being so supportive and coming with me on the four hour drive to get there, especially since our car broke down on the way and we had to buy a new one. I am now officially now a mom, since we bought a Toyota Siena (minivan). When I mentioned I think it would be nice to get Everbound for my birthday she said she would send an email and have the whole publication date arranged so it would be possible. Ha ha ha, as if! She was so funny and kind. As our conversation dwindled I demanded to know where her mother was. I was promised if I came I would get to meet her mother, and there she was waiting so patiently behind me. I loved talking to her mother. She was so sweet talking about her advice to Brodi to reign her characters in. "Don't let them get out of control." I liked that she mentioned the conversation she had had with Brodi over where the whole story was going. She wanted to know if Brodi knew where it was going or just letting it develop bit by bit. It seems while the big picture is there that the characters have taken on a life of their own and want to go where they will. The entire thing was so much fun I still have a smile on my face. Perhaps next time I will come better prepared and it will turn out even better.

This was written by Ephrielle from Hope, Love, and Happy Endings Find her on twitter
 Photos from Ephrielle. She also posted this recap at her Hope, Love, and Happy Endings

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