Monday, June 4, 2012

An Interview with Lisa Schroeder @lisa_schroeder

Featured Author for the Week - Lisa Schroeder

Tomorrow 'The Day Before' comes out in paperback! In celebration we will be featuring Lisa Schroeder for the next week. Today we have an interview with Lisa. Make sure you check in each day for more reviews and sign up for the giveaway that began a few days ago!

Today we have some fun questions for Lisa.

Tell us your biography in six words:
Oregon girl writing books, eating cupcakes

What is your favorite cupcake flavor?

Strawberry lemonade

What book inspired you the most to start writing?

THIS LULLABY by Sarah Dessen

What is your favorite and least favorite part of writing?

This actually varies with each book for me. Sometimes the first draft is
easy and sometimes it's not. Sometimes I love revising and sometimes I hate
it. For me, each book is a different experience and I try really hard to enjoy
whatever part of the process I'm on as much as possible.

Do you have a character that is your favorite?

I really love Cade in THE DAY BEFORE. It's hard to choose, but if I had to
choose, I'd probably pick him.

Who was your most difficult character to write

In my next YA novel, FALLING FOR YOU, there is a teen named Nathan who
was really hard to write. There are some things to not like about Nathan, but he's not
all bad, and trying to show all sides and get people to feel sympathy and not just
anger was hard. It will be interesting to see what people think of him.

Why are contemporary YA books important? (Clearly we believe Contemporary YA is important, but we'd love to hear some of your reasons)
I think teens, especially, need to see other teens going through hard stuff and coming out
the other side okay. I love that YA novels usually end at a place of hope. Life isn't always
easy and contemporary YA novels give us characters to relate to and root for.

If you could have one super power what would your ability be?
Speed reader!

Off the top of your head, what five books would you highly recommend?

SEAN GRISWOLD'S HEAD by Lindsey Leavitt

A NEED SO BEAUTIFUL by Suzanne Young



Can you tell us about your new book that is being released in 2013?

FALLING FOR YOU will be my first YA novel not written in verse, although
poetry plays a part in the story. It's a really hard book to describe, but the
book is mysterious, it's heart-wrenching at times and romantic at others.
Mostly, at its core, it is a book about love and its incredible ability
to pull us form the darkness into the light.

Thanks Lisa for answering some fun and serious questions for us!  Come back tomorrow for information about Lisa's upcoming 2013 release 'Falling For You' and of course our giveaway winners!

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