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Interview with Suzanne Young & Giveaway!

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Today is the third and final day of our feature with Suzanne Young. On Monday Vy reviewed A Need So Beautiful, on Tuesday I reviewed A Want So Wicked and today Suzanne is on for an interview and we're giving away a copy of A Need So Beautiful AND A Want So Wicked, so make sure you read to the end!

Thanks so much for coming on to Novels, News and Notes Suzanne! You are no longer living in the Pacific NW but many of your loyal fans are here and we miss your gorgeous face at all the Portland signings. Since there are so many of us that know you from here we figured we'd better get you on for a feature!

C: A Need So Beautiful ended with a bit of a bittersweet ending. It left us gasping and in shock, but at the same time we felt it was right (at least many of us did) that it went that way. When you finished writing A Need So Beautiful did you already know that the story must go on? Or was that something that came later, that made you decide to continue the series?

S: I knew the ending of A NEED SO BEAUTIFUL (before the epilogue) before I started writing the book. I sold it with that ending. But talk of expanding the story—and not just continuing it—was immediate. I knew that I’d want it to be a bit more of a companion (focusing on the Shadows instead), and I think we found a good compromise between new stuff and continuation.

C: Which was the easier book to write, A Need So Beautiful or A Want So Wicked and why?

S: A NEED SO BEAUTIFUL. For me personally, sequel writing is very difficult. There is back story to catch up on, things to remind yourself even. It’s like writing a regular book, only now there are rules that you have to keep in mind. There were plenty of times I cursed myself for a plot point I opened in the original.

C: The Program comes out next year, can you tell us a bit about it and how this story came to you?

S: THE PROGRAM is set in an alternate reality where teen suicide has become an epidemic—a behavioral contagion. To combat this, The Program was created. It targets all of your bad memories and erases them—but it also erases the life you used to have. Sloane and her boyfriend James are doing all they can to stay out of The Program, to stay with each other. But it’s not that easy. There’s no one to trust.
I actually thought of this book in phases, based off some other books that I started. Suicide is an issue close to me, and I knew I wanted to talk about survival. But also there was the question of whether two people could fall in love twice.

C: Now, moving on to more personal matters, what do you miss the most about the Pacific NW, other than the people, of course? I just had to hit you with that one so maybe you could miss us as much as we miss you!

S: Oh, I miss Portland desperately! My great friends, the occasional perfect sunny day. Other than that, the thing I miss the most is Powell’s Books. I am so lost without them!

C: You recently started teaching again after not doing so for awhile. Between that and having a family how do you find time to write?

S: Right now, I haven’t. Just little bits here and there. Returning to teaching has been one of the absolute highlights of this move. I love it more than anything else. Right now I’m not doing a lot of writing, but someday soon I’ll get back to it. I don’t think I’ll ever stop writing.

C: If you could travel to any time period and any place, when and where would you go?

S: Can it be fictional? Because I would travel to the Roaring 20’s and attend one of Gatsby’s parties! But most importantly, I’d attend the funeral at the end!

C: Thanks so much for taking the time to answer the few questions, I hope you're able to take a trip up here to visit us before too long!

Go check out Suzanne's playlist for A Want So Wicked HERE!

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