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Event Recap: Candace Went to Wordstock!

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Last weekend was Wordstock 2012.  Wordstock is the yearly book festival for the Portland Oregon area.  It's a weekend long event with panels and signings and all kinds of bookish goodness going on.  This event features authors and books for all ages and all genre's.  Luckily we have a fabulous coordinator for the Young Adult section of things (our friend Sara from Novel Novice) and every year it's an epic event.  Last year I got to meet Maggie Stiefvater, Lauren Oliver, Scott Westerfeld and many, many others.  This year ended up being about as great and I found some new authors that I love before I've even read their books!

Vy from Vy's Blog and I (Photo courtesy of Vy's dad)

I was a volunteer on the Young Adult Stage from 11 AM to 3 PM and while 'working' I was able to see Joelle Anthony and Stephanie Guerra speak about their books and answer questions.  After that was the Teen Thrillers panel with April Henry, Jeanne Ryan, and Kimberly Derting with Phillip Margolin as moderator.  In this panel they talked about what is appropriate for teen readers, the difference in writing YA and adult and things they may google that could get them arrested.  This part was *really* Kimberly Derting. ;)  If you've seen her at a signing you have likely heard some of the grisly things she googles...  It was a very entertaining panel and I think I actually learned stuff from it.  I couldn't take notes since I was working the door (and I just never do anyway...) but it was a very entertaining one. 
Teen Thriller Panel with Jeanne Ryan, Kimberly Derting and April Henry

Tamara Ireland Stone
Tamara Ireland Stone and Jackson Pearce
After that was the Jackson Pearce and Tamara Ireland Stone author appearance and this was the first I've seen Jackson Pearce.  It seems like she's everywhere online so it was cool to see her in real life.  She's very bold and 'out there' but it fits her personality and didn't make her seem crazy like some people may have come across as.  She told us the differences in some of the retellings.  The Little Mermaid is the one I recall the best and I never read the original version, I just know the Disney version.  And Jacksons version actually sounds really interesting.  Tamara introduced us to her book Time Between Us, which I own but haven't read yet.  It's one that really sounds great because I love time travel.  So the reading and introduction definitely has me eager to start it.

At 2 PM Kristen-Paige Madonia and Erica Lorraine Scheidt came on for their reading and discussion and for some reason I totally hadn't connected who Kristen was.  Fingerprints of You is a book that I noticed because of the cover but I hadn't read it and didn't own it.  Erica's book Uses for Boys comes out in January.  Luckily she gave me a copy cause her reading from it definitely got me curious!  This actually was one of my most favorite parts of the day because these two ladies were so nice.  And their readings were brilliant!  Some people can read well, and both of these ladies definitely read well.  They really made me feel their books.  In discussion they talked a bit about how YA is changing and there's not really a line on what is appropriate.  Both books seem to have some more mature content so it was an interesting discussion.  I'm thinking I may have them on to discuss it on here.

My shift was over after that so I went and got my books signed by both these ladies after picking up Fingerprints of You
David Levithan reading
After eating (I was STARVING) I headed over to the David Levithan panel.  Yes indeed.  I did meet David Levithan!  This was the most anticipated event of the day.  He read to us and he read NEXT YEARS BOOK (just a little) to us as well and can I say, I can't wait to read the whole thing!   He was another brilliant, passionate reader that really makes you feel the story.  After the reading and questions I went to get my books signed and I was afraid I was totally not going to be brave to talk to him, but my friend Mel was with and she was joking with him and I guess I forgot to get nervous (does that make sense?) I just said hi and gave him my books and told him I only brought my favorites even though I have them all, I didn't want to cart them around (I SO regret not bringing them all!) and then he signed my bag and I told him to please make it an obvious spot cause his is a signature I want to show off and don't want to have to search all over.  So he signed right under the "addicted" (it says Addicted to Books) so I can easily show the world every single place I go, that I met David Levithan and he signed my bag.  So HA!  It was awesome.  I also gave him my bookmark for my blog and told him if he ever decides to start reading blogs it was a good place to start... (He had said in his reading that he doesn't have time to read blogs.)

Lish McBride reading

Then the last panel of the day was New Trends in Teen Paranormal with Tamara Ireland Stone, Sean Beaudoin, Martha Brockenbrough, Lish McBride and Inara Scott as moderator.  I have to tell you guys, Martha is HILARIOUS!  Devine Intervention wasn't really on my radar at all but she read from it and I laughed the hardest I did all day.  I know part of it was her reading, she was great! But it sounds like it has a really funny narrator.  So I'm definitely picking it up in the future!  Sean wasn't really an author I knew much about either, but he was really funny as well.  And Lish McBride, the one I was most looking forward to seeing on the panel was awesome.  She had some good insights about things.  I know I suck remembering everything discussed, but really my back was killing me!  But it was a lot of fun and we laughed a lot.  Oh yeah, one thing talked about is covers.  It's SO important for a cover to be 'boy' friendly.  Without the girly covers most of these books (ALL the ones on this panel) would definitely be boy friendly by content.  But unfortunately the publishers just aren't listening good enough and it's really too bad.  I know that I wouldn't mind more boy friendly covers as I share my books with my nephew as well as my brothers and my nephew won't read it if it's a girly cover.  My brothers will, but they wouldn't pick it up on their own.  Anyway, after that we headed out and got our books signed by them and picked up some awesome swag (love that swag!).
Sean Beaudoin talking, Tamara Ireland Stone, Martha Brockenbrough, Lish McBride and Inara Scott (far right)

And for about ten minutes during that panel I ducked out to run over to meet Christopher Healy (The Hero's Guide to Saving Your Kingdom) and his publicist, Kelly.  I had told Kelly I would find them so I was glad I got in a quick hello.  I had already had Sara get the book signed just in case I missed him, but it was nice to say hello real quick.  

And that was the end of the day!  I chatted a bit with Sara and the other familiar faces around me like Inara Scott, my friend Mel (co-blogger here at Novels, News and Notes) and the authors still around.  Then I jumped in the car and made the long trek home! (It wasn't that long, maybe a half hour.)

Here's the books I got signed!  And then the David Levithan ones I got signed (I just HAVE to prove that he really did sign them!)

Thanks to Vy and Mel for sharing some photos.  I got some with my phone camera but they weren't very good quality at all.

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