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Lindsey Lost Review by Suzanne Marie Phillips

Lindsey Lost by Suzanne Marie Phillips
Hardcover, 224 pages
Published September 13, 2012 by Viking Children's
Source: ARC from my bookstore

The Bourne Identity meets I Am the Cheese in this taut thriller

Even though Micah’s a star pitcher, his older sister Lindsey is the real deal—a runner so good, she has a shot at the Olympics. The two of them urge each other on, and are each other’s best support. Then the unthinkable happens: Lindsey is murdered, and Micah may have been the last person to see her. But he can’t remember what happened, no matter what their parents tell him, no matter what the police say. Did he witness his sister’s murder—or commit it? Can he recall the truth before his life is sentenced to end, too?

Ok first of all I am in love with this cover.  I love the creativity in the 'font' they used for the title.  In fact, take a minute and look at it yourself.  Go on, I'll wait.   What do you think of it?  It's quite enjoyable when covers include non-typical fonts.  Anyway, onto the book itself.

Micah and his older sister Lindsey are both strong in their sports, baseball and running, respectively.  Micah is given more freedom then his sister which is obvious at the beginning of the book.  He is worried about Lindsey who doesn't seem quite herself.  The real question is which pressure is getting to Lindsey the most?  Coach Kelly (her running coach), her father (seriously he is stressful to me!) or her boyfriend  Reed (who doesn't understand why Lindsey turned him down for prom) or maybe it's something else?

This book is completely from Micah's point of view.  I enjoy reading from his point of view, he includes his school day, thoughts about his girlfriend Vivian, and trying to remember what exactly happened when his sister Lindsey doesn't come home.  Micah deals with traumatic memory loss.  His greatest fear being that he killed Lindsey himself.  But as he relives again and again more of what happened that day the twists including others surprised me into reading this book as quickly as I could.  I wanted to know did Micah kill her?  If not him, who had the greatest motive?

You will want to read this story to find out what really happened the day Lindsey was lost.

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***Disclaimer- I did not buy this book, I was able to get the ARC of it from the bookstore I work at. I am not being compensated nor was I asked to write about it. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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