Tuesday, December 11, 2012

@becfitzpatrick @kresleycole @milesbooks @tonyahurley visit Portland 25 Oct

The sign at the front entrance announced the amazing event!
Pretty sure I was not the only one who took a photo of this sign.

From left to right is Elizabeth, Becca, Kresley, Tonya and Drew (model for Patch)

The format for this event was a bit different then most events I've been to.  There was a mic and it went back and forth between those in the audience and the authors.  Questions were asked of all the authors and Patch.  It was fun to hear their next projects, their thoughts on movie deals and more.

This is what happens when you take your own books, and books for two other people. At some point a slip of paper with your name on it ends up in the wrong name in it. 
And then you freak out and @screenamesbite Bella comes to your rescue with a cunning plan. 
And basically your whole group of 6 bloggers takes up as much of all the authors time as possible before moving out of the way so others can get their books signed and meet the authors. 

Unfortunately I do not have the photos of all 6 of us getting our photos taken with the authors as those were taken by a friend who hasn't given me copies. 

Oh and you stand around talking to Tracy, who happens to be Tonya's awesome twin sister. HI TRACY! And you hear horror stories from tour that you wish you had audio recorded to re-live later on.

Drew is the model for Patch.  He is on all four covers and we were so excited he was on tour.  It was fun to hear a bit about him.  He was sweet enough to sign posters and books.  Are you okay there?  Oh you are squealing...please stop.  I know it's exciting but ouch!  

If you missed out on the awesome Finale tour, I have no idea what to tell you.  But we do know that the authors are all working on new books:

Kresley Cole - The Arcana Chronicles, Book 2

Becca Fitzpatrick - Black Ice due out in 2014

Tonya Hurley - The Blessed trilogy #2

Elizabeth Miles - Eternity, The Fury Trilogy, Book 3

 (Click their names to go to their websites for more info) 


  1. I'm sad I missed this event! It would have been nice to hear all the authors speak. I most would have liked to meet Kresley Cole, I think. Though once I get to events I tend to 'click' with an author I wasn't expecting to. Sounds like a fun time!

  2. Lol, Mel. Thanks for the plug. We missed you too, Candace. I got a couple of great pics. The most notable with all of the authors and Drew (Patch). It's even on each of their pages. How cool is that?! It was a great event with plenty of opportunity to speak with the whole panel and enjoy yummy refreshments. I'm soooo glad I made to this one. ;)

  3. Hey, that's my book! (; Nice post--I'm so jealous you were there!


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