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Mel reviews Harmonic Feedback by @authortarakelly

Harmonic Feedback by Tara Kelly
Release Date: May 29, 2010
Published by: Henry Holt
Pages: 278
Source: Borrowed

Sixteen-year-old, music- and sound design-obsessed Drea doesn't have friends. She has, as she's often reminded, issues. Drea's mom and a rotating band of psychiatrists have settled on "a touch of Asperger's."

Having just moved to the latest in a string of new towns, Drea meets two other outsiders. And Naomi and Justin seem to actually like Drea. The three of them form a band after an impromptu, Portishead-comparison-worthy jam after school.

It's obvious that Drea can't hide behind her sound equipment anymore. But just when she's found not one but two true friends, can she stand to lose one of them?
The Ending:
I'm going to be a bit different and start here.  I cried.  I think I cried through the entire last chapter of this book.  I was sad but the ending worked perfectly.  Sitting here thinking back, I do not have a better idea for how this book could have ended.

The Characters:
Drea interested me from the get-go.  I loved her honesty and to-the-point conversations.  Naomi was intense and she added enjoyable conflict to the story.  Justin was a guy I want to date.  In fact, if you find him let me know.

What I Loved: The story arc.  Instead of this being a dramatic teen saga it was real, down to earth, and I fell into the story easily.  In fact, instead of going to bed I stayed up late after being out all day to read the other 60% of the book.  I also loved Drea's thought process and musical abilities.  She's an amazing character and if there was another book about her I would be first in line to read it!

What Frustrated me: At times Naomi annoyed me, this made the story even more interesting and kept me on my toes (not literally) wondering what she would do next.  I felt how conflicted she was by her home life, friendships with Drea and Justin, and the other influential characters in her personal life.

After reading this book, I followed up by reading 'Amplified' also by Tara Kelly the very next day.  Yes I read 'Amplified' all in one day.  Here is the review Candace posted of 'Amplified' by Tara Kelly: HERE.

If you liked this book you might enjoy:

'Five Flavors of Dumb' by Antony John and 'Marcelo in the Real World' by Francisco Stork
I would definitely recommend reading 'Amplified' if you haven't already.  Later this year, you should look for Tara Kelly's next book which is the follow up to 'Amplified'.

Disclosure: I borrowed 'Harmonic Feedback' and 'Amplified from the library. All opinions expressed are my own and I was not paid or influenced in any way.

This review is by Mel:

Mel is a bookaholic as well as loving music. She just recently moved to the Portland area from the Midwest and has been enjoying exploring the whole area, including the Coast and downtown Portland. She has been blogging at Shot in the Arm since May 2008 but has had a couple other blogs before that at various places around the web. Young Adult is her favorite genre but she loves to read most other genres including Romance, Fiction, Sci Fi and some Historical Non-Fiction. You can find her at her blog, her twitter and on Goodreads. Stop by and say hi!


  1. I haven't read Harmonic Feedback and that makes me sad cause I really love Tara. I'm glad you really enjoyed the book! My sister in law read it and loved it too.

  2. Yeah I read these books two days in a row. I'm so excited for Amplified book 2. :) Thanks Candace!



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