Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Iron Fey is being made into a Manga Series & they need your help!

Bluewater Productions wants to bring THE IRON FEY, to the comic book manga medium, starting with THE IRON KING miniseries, and we need your help!  - Taken from the Indiegogo campaign page

I'm really excited about this particular project because I actually have several connections to it.  I of course LOVE Julie Kagawa and ALL her books, but the company doing this comic book manga, Bluewater Productions,  is right here in the town I live in.  ALSO, my good friend Sara (also from Novel Novice) is doing it.  She's the editor, which means she putting the words to the page.  I think that is VERY cool! 

I'm not the biggest fan of comic books.  I read them as a kid but as an adult I never really got into manga's like so many others have.  But when the art is good then I really enjoy looking at them.  And honestly, this is some of the best art I have seen.  I'm absolutely in awe and think there's no way it could possibly be better than this.  Here's some examples for you.

Pretty amazing, right?

Now they need the funds to make this happen and Bluewater Productions and Julie Kagawa are looking for backers to make this happen.  You contribute $1 up to $200 (and probably more...).  AND you can get awesome stuff!  If you give $15 and you can get Issue No. 1 with a unique glossy cover delivered right to your door once it's released!  There are many other options like t-shirts, artwork drawn by Julie herself and can even get drawn in the book!  I like to contribute just to help, but the awesome stuff you get kind of motivates me even more.

Make sure to check out the Indiegogo page and check out more of the artwork that's up and see if you can maybe help get this project up and running.  Seriously, you don't want to miss out on getting some really cool stuff!

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