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Cassandra Clare Event Recap

Cassie Clare, Me and Sarah Rees Brennan
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Less than two weeks ago I was super lucky enough to go the Cassandra Clare event in Portland Oregon at
Audience behind me & Shelley
the Clackamas Town Center mall.  The event was hosted by Barnes & Noble but they held it outside the store in the mall so there was much more room.  I know that many showed up the moment the mall opened so they could get the first seats, but I had a reserved seat since I was helping my friend Sara from Novel Novice with some stuff and we knew we'd be there way late.
The turn out was huge!  They didn't have enough chairs so there were people all over the floors as well. Shelley from TSK, TSK, What to Read was directly behind me and we had plans to meet up there.  So I had a chance to chat with her a bit before things got under way.
The bus was late since they had a long drive so Sara was asked to do trivia with the audience while we
waited.  She asked me to hand out the tickets to people when they answered the questions so they were entered to win B&N gift cards.  I get super nervous in front of crowds but I didn't know about it so I didn't have time to freak out and I think I did okay.  I hope so anyway.  At least I didn't have to talk.  The trivia was a lot of fun too and while I don't really remember anything now, at the time I was finding some of the things pretty interesting!
Once Cassie Clare and Sarah Rees Brennan arrived everyone started freaking out.  It's like she's a real celebrity!  I don't know that I've gone
to an event for such a well known author.  It was crazy sauce there!
They didn't waste any time and jumped straight into questions.  Sarah Rees Brennan passed out prizes to those who asked questions.  One thing I got annoyed about was that people sometimes seemed to only want the prize.  They'd ask the question then be waving Sarah over for their prize and not even be paying attention to the answer.  Very annoying.  Though I understand wanting a prize, it just seemed a little rude. 
I listened pretty intently to everything but didn't take notes. Luckily Sara tweeted everything so she remembered it and you can find it all here, on the site, where she highlighted all the interesting things we learned.
After all the fun questions it was time for the signing!  Barnes & Noble had done wrist bands by first come, first serve and so they would call numbers for getting the books signed so those further down the line could go do something else and not actually stand in line the whole time.  Fortunately for me I had no need for a wrist band because I was the 'camera guy' for an interview with Cassie after the whole thing was over!  So after Cassie and Sarah were settled in Sara and I headed over to eat some lunch at Panera and kill some time.  We also got to browse books for a bit.  But the signing line was actually done after only a couple hours!  It might have been a little over, but not much.  It went super fast but they were pushing those books through pretty quickly.  I felt really bad cause afterward she was icing her wrist.  I can imagine after signing that many books for that many days in a row, it would be pretty sore.
After signing a little stock we headed out the bus!  Laini Taylor (Daughter of Smoke and Bone) and Sara Ryan (Empress of the World) were also with and everyone chatted a bit while I sat up the camera and then Sara from Novel Novice (lots of Sara's!) started the interview.  I'm not spilling any of that for you guys though, you'll have to check it out once it's posted at Novel Novice, but I will be sure to give you all a heads up about it cause it was a GREAT interview!  It has spoilers, so be sure to make sure you get all those books read so you can check it out once it's up! 
Before we headed off we got our books signed right there!  And my bag of course. ;)

Here are some more pictures for you.
Laini Taylor and Sara Ryan in front of the bus

Grainy pic of Cassie, Me and Sarah

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  1. Love the recap! What an insane and totally awesome event. Weren't Cassie and Sarah great? I'm still a little jellie, but so thrilled you had this opportunity. Was so cool finally seeing you in person and chatting. Can't wait til next time! Thanks so much for the mention and the silly pic. <3


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