Monday, April 15, 2013

Cat Winters Event Recap!

Mel, Cat Winters and myself

Last weekend I went to the Cat Winters release party for In the Shadow of Blackbirds.  This book was
fantastic so I was really excited to see her again (I met her briefly at ALAMW in January) and learn more about the background of the book, etc.

We first got together at Panera before the event so we could get some chatting time in.  Besides Cat there was her sister and a friend, Sara (Novel Novice and a contributor here) and Mel (my co-blogger here) and several authors including Teri Brown (Born of Illusion, June 2013), Chelsea Pitcher (The S Word, May 2013), April Henry (Girl, Stolen; The Night She Disappeared and more) and Miriam Forster (City of a Thousand Dolls, Feb 2013).  We had a good time talking books and stuff (and eating yummy stuff) before heading over for the event.  I sat next to Miriam Forster and Sara at the event and Miriam and I squealed about Dark Triumph and how in love we are with the book (those books).  I really liked all the authors I met but Miriam and I clearly have similar taste in books!  And she's pretty awesome, I really liked her.  At the event there were a few others I know pretty well, Vy from Vy's Blog and Jen from A Reading Daydreamer.  It was my first time meeting Jen but I've met Vy many, many times (we're old pals now!).  Amber Kizer (Meridian) was also there and I've met her before as well.  Yep, quite the group of people!  It's always so nice (and fun!) to see everyone again.

When the event actually got started Cat did a slideshow with photographs from when the book takes place.  It's been a week now since the event so my memory is forgetting everything covered but here are the notes that my friend Mel took, via twitter.  She also answered questions and this twitter feed is from both.  Be sure to stop by and follow Mel
  • Learned about possible aspirin poison from Germany, people started taking large doses of US made aspirin which wasn't regulated. - This is regarding the flu and why it may have been SO bad and why so many died.
  •  So read a lot of non-fiction about WW1 & music from 1918& watching films from 1918 which you can find on the books website.- This was her research, which was extensive (and it shows!
  •  A mother bathed her child in raw onions for three days and drink onion syrup and cured her daughter from the flu. - True story AND in the book.
  • Audience member asking about salt up the nose to protect from the flu. talks about ideas about how they could kill bacteria. - She said that basically anything that burned they felt could 'kill' the flu. 
  • Question asked by about if has experienced or seen any ghosts.- By what I remember she said that she does believe in ghosts and she's had some experiences but nothing more than places feeling spooky, or just feeling like there could be something (someone?) there. 
  •  Spirit photographs were happening during WW1 for those who lost their loved ones. Including a photo of Mary Todd Lincoln with Abe's spirit.

It was a very well done event and thoroughly planned.  I like that she had the slideshow and that we all actually really learned things.  It was all really interesting.  Anyone who hadn't read the book will certainly be doing so now!  I'm glad I read it already so I understood the different things she spoke about.

Below are some more photos from the event. It was such a great time!

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  1. Eeeek great event recap! I'm so happy I was able to attend my first book signing ever. It was so lovely to meet you all! Thanks for mentioning me in this post, Candace! :)


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