Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pre-Ordering your very own Personalized Book from Powell's

So you might not live in Portland, or maybe you do and can't make it to an event you have been looking forward to!  Well I am here to help you by showing you how easy it is to pre-order personalized books so that you aren't completely missing out.

First thing is to go to Powells.com.  If you need to see any of these photos larger you should be able to double click them.

Now you can either go to the Event Calendar to locate the event or you can do a search in the Search Bar at the top for the Author/Title/ISBN of what you are looking for.  If you want to go the Event Calendar route simply put your mouse cursor on Stores & Events Link at the top and click on Event Calendar.

Once the Event Calendar comes up then you can click on an Event.  I'm going to choose the one that is currently tomorrow's event. 

Now you can click on any of the titles.  Once you click on a title it will take you to a page that looks like this....

So you will see that not only does it mention the upcoming event but below it says you can Pre-Order a signed Edition.  Click on Pre-Order a Signed Edition of the book.  Now this will look like the SAME page but on the right you will see this box where before it did not say Pre-Order.

Click on the Orange box where it says PREORDER.  This will add it to your cart. 
Now you can go back to the top to the Stores & Events, Events Calendar and go through the process again.  You can also add books to your cart that are NOT showing as Pre-Order.  Powell's ONLY chooses one book per author, so for example if you want to have personalized books by Kody Keplinger or Lisa Desrochers who have multiple books out you will simply need to order the version of the book you want.  This is going to be a bit more work on your part.  Let me show you an example:

Back on the Event Link for this specific event:

I will click on Kody Keplinger's NAME instead of the title so I can see ALL her books.
Now I'm going to click on the Title of 'A Midsummer's Nightmare' so I can order a personalized copy.

Now in this case, the Pre-Order shown is for the Paperback which isn't out until June.  So A Midsummer's Nightmare is available as a new Hardcover at Beaverton, where the event is taking place, which I would choose to Add to Cart. 

If I wanted to also buy a copy of 'The Duff' it shows I have more options, as you can see in the list above where there are 2 choices under where 'A Midsummer's Nightmare' is listed.

Now I want to see all the choices for 'The Duff' so I'm going to choose the first option, even though I do not want a Used Hardcover.  This is what will show up on the right side of the next screen once I have clicked 'The Duff'. 

As you can see there are multiple choices for how I can purchase 'The Duff'.  I want a new Paperback so I'm going to go to 'This Title in other Editions' and click on New, Trade Paper.  When I do that, it shows that Beaverton has this book in stock.  
As long as the location the event is being held at has quantity you are good to order.  

Okay I have 3 books in my Shopping Cart and want to have them ALL personalized.  No problem!  Here is my cart before I Check Out.

You can see that 'The Nightmare's Affair shows as On Order, but that is nothing to worry about, it's just the way Powell's system works.  Let's go ahead and Check Out.

Now obviously if this your first order you will enter your Name and Address on this page but I already have done that.  For my example I'm using the Powell's store address.  ;)  Once you are ready click on Save and Continue.

After choosing your Shipping click Save and Continue.

After you enter your payment info there is one more screen where we will be doing the Personalization part.  Your order will not be placed until AFTER that screen.  So after the Save and Continue on the Payment Options Screen you will see this:

On the RIGHT SIDE you will see a Special Requests? Box shown below.

The Special Requests? Box is the place you are going to write a note to the Store that you want ALL of the books in your order to be Personalized.  Be specific.  I would write something similar to this:
'Please have all of the books in my order personalized and signed by the authors at the Fall In Love with Teens Fiction event on April 17th.  Please personalize them to 'Melissa'. Thanks.

This information will be on the order info that goes with each INDIVIDUAL book.  After you enter your Special Requests and have checked your order details you can click on Place Your Order.

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