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The Prize (Review) by @LarsDHHedbor

The Prize: Tales from a Revolution: Vermont
by Lars D.H. Hedbor
Released: July 2, 2011

Caleb's father is serving with Ethan Allen's Green Mountain Boys as the long-anticipated open war against the British rages up and down the length of Lake Champlain. Between his duties on the family farm and constant worry about his father's safety, the young man's attentions are already fully occupied when a fateful encounter with an unlikely neighbor changes everything. Pulled into new intrigues and new friendships, Caleb finds himself on a path that changes his life - and which will affect the outcome of the whole war.
Not long ago, I was at Jan's Paperbacks for their grand re-opening.  They had brand new fixtures and great food.  They also had a bunch of local Portland authors.  Authors who wrote mystery, romance, young adult, etc.  It was a great event and I hung out with T.J. Brown, ate some tasty food and mingled with several of the authors.  Two of the authors were Lars Hedbor and Bryan Gregory.  If you have met me, you know I enjoy giving people a hard time.  I proceeded to question them both about their Author Websites and gave them ideas for what they could do to make the sites more reader friendly.  Even after all that Lars was still okay with me enough to let me read his book and give my thoughts on it.

I love historical fiction and it intrigued me that The Prize was based on real life details that Lars had researched.  There was even a map included at the front of the book which I used to see where Caleb was canoeing to as the story went on.  Not only did I enjoy learning what happened with the British as the colonists fought to be independent but Caleb's family was integral to the storyline.  I learned about how families would have lived and supported themselves during the time period.  Caleb is a teenager who is sharp and keeps track of where the British are and reports to the men in town who are in charge of the Green Mountain Boys.  This story is also fun because there is a surprising storyline that happens between Caleb and a neighbor.  Well I should say neighbors.  I don't want to give away the part that greatly surprised me but when you read this book you will really enjoy it.  There is a great deal of adventure and mishaps.  Caleb can be pretty clumsy!  I'm really excited for Lars' next book 'The Light: Tales From a Revolution – New Jersey'.  Lars definitely took me right into the time period!  Check out 'The Prize' and see what you think!

Oh and you will read a lot about Caleb in a dugout.  I wondered what one looked like. So here is a photo I found.

Caleb ends up building a canoe.  Here is what that looks like compared to a dugout.

Keep those pictures in mind while you read!

Lars Hedbor is an amateur historian, linguist, brewer, fiddler, astronomer and baker. Professionally, I am a technologist, marketer, writer and father. You can find him online at his Website, Goodreads and Twitter.

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book from the author and all opinions expressed are my own. I was not paid or influenced in any way. 

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  1. Thank you so much for your kind comments, Mel! Those relationships surprised me even as I wrote the novel - the characters just took charge of their own stories! :)

    Thanks again for your great suggestions regarding my Web site, as well. It was a real pleasure to meet you, and I appreciate your time reading and reviewing the book.


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