Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Wordstock Festival FAQ

I've been fielding questions on Twitter about the Festival and thought I'd go ahead and post this here.  If you have questions please leave them and I will add them to this post along with an answer.  :) 

1. Q- If an authors event is at 1 p.m. when is the signing of their books?
    A- The signing would be at 2 p.m.  For ALL the YA authors the signing is going to be the next hour.  The panels/readings will be an hour in length which will include a discussion or a reading along with a Question and Answer period.  Then they will move to the Signing Table.

2. Q- Can I bring books to be signed? Is there a limit? How long is the signing?
    A- You can bring books and swag to be signed.  The signing lasts until there are no more people in line. Based on my stalking the YA signing table last year it generally lasts 15-20 minutes.  Also, I noticed authors tend to hang around the table for a little bit as well. Do not be shy about chatting with the authors and blurting out your undying love for their work!

3. Q- Can I get my photo taken with *insert awesome author name here*?
    A- Yes you can. When the authors are at the signing table you can ask them to get a photo with you. I did not see any authors decline photos last year just be kind and calm when you ask, oh and SMILE!

4. Q- What if I don't have a book by an author?
    A- Lucky for you we have a dedicated bookstore (local Indie from Portland) who will be selling ALL YA books. They will carry the newest title by each YA author who is reading or part of a panel.  You can purchase books at their table and move over about 3 feet to have your book signed directly after the panel/reading you were just in.  Honestly, last year I ended up buying a TON of books by authors I heard speak in their panel/reading because I was intrigued by them. Bring extra money!  There will be about 3 booksellers set up at the Festival.  One for Children's, one for YA and one for Non-Fiction/Biography/Cooking, etc.

5. Q- I'm volunteering for the Festival.  Do I need to purchase a ticket for the times I am not volunteering?
   A- As a volunteer, your service is much appreciated.  When you arrive to the Wordstock area at the Conference Center you will look for a sign that leads you to the volunteer area.  You will check in with the volunteer coordinators and be given a shirt and name badge.  You will be given information about your volunteer tasks.  When you are done volunteering you can wander around and enjoy the Festival.  You do not need to buy a ticket as a volunteer.  Plus since you are a volunteer you can put your bag(s) of books/swag in the volunteer room for safe keeping instead of carrying them around all day.

6. Q- How do I know what is happening at the Festival?
    A- You can go on over to Wordstock Festival's site and look at the schedule.  If you hover over where it says SEARCH you can click on YA or you can type in an authors name and it will show you specifically different groupings of events on the schedule.

7. Q- How many YA events are there? Is there a YA stage again this year?
    A- There is a YA panel or reading EVERY hour of the Festival this year.  Some hours have two events happening at the same time.  The YA Stage is not happening this year.  While we do not have a YA only stage this year, we do have appropriate spaces set up for each author panel/reading.  We have so many amazing diverse authors from all many different Genres so this year you will be walking a bit more to see them all.  Do not worry though the YA Bookseller and Signing area will be in ONE location all weekend.   Plus did you know...we added a songwriting category this year.  Make sure you check out that category as some of our awesome YA authors are taking part in the Songwriting panels.

8. Q- Do you have to have a membership to actually go to the festival? I'm specifically wondering about the Book Fair.
    A- No you simply buy a ticket to get in and you are set!  In fact you can pre-order on the website or purchase at the door (well really it's a booth before you enter where the Wordstock area is set up).

9. Q - How do I purchase a ticket?
    A- All you have to do is go online if you want to pre-order.  Here is the page.  Now it is per day so if you are attending both Saturday and Sunday you will want to enter in 2 in the Quantity box.  There is a $2 fee by TicketWest which brings your total to $11.  You can buy tickets at the door and they will also be $11.

10. Q- How do I purchase Workshop passes? Is this the same thing as LeakyCon where they have a Lit Track you pay for and can attend any of them?
    A- On the same page that you purchase tickets on you will see a link further down for Wordstock for Writers Workshops {includes FREE same-day Book Fair admission} $35 for 1, $30 for 2, $20 for 3 or more. After you look through the Festival Guide you can figure out which Workshops you want to attend. These workshops are open to ANYONE! When you get to the page that lists the Workshops on TicketWest you will see at the top that if you are choosing multiple Workshops that you will pay a lesser amount PER Workshop. There is a link you will click on that will lower the price at the very top of the page.

Did I miss your question?  Let me know!

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