Saturday, September 28, 2013

Introducing @maureenmcquerry Upcoming Book & NEW Cover!

Beyond the Door

Book I in the Time Out of Time Series
Maureen McQuerry
Abrams/Amulet Books

March 1st 2014

"In the tradition of the Dark Is Rising books, fantasy and myth come to life in this action-packed middle-grade duet"

When mythical creatures appear, a mystery of unparalleled proportions begins to unfold for Timothy, his sister Sarah, and school bully Jessica, who must defeat the powers of the Darkness.

The book is full of clues in Ogham. What’s Ogham you ask? It’s a primitive Irish language dating back to the 4th century. It looks like a series of tallies or hatch marks and the inscriptions can still be found on stones in Ireland, Wales and Scotland, although it was also written on trees. The Ogham alphabet has 25 letters.

Here’s what Ogham looks like from Project Guttenberg…

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  1. So cool to learn about Ogham and can't wait to read Maureen's new book!


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