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Wondering about Wordstock Festival in Portland?

Hello all!  Since Wordstock Festival has not posted their listing anywhere...I am happy to post the Young Adult authors we have coming to Portland here!  Along with information about the Festival so you are ready to attend.
Wordstock is a nonprofit organization dedicated to celebrating writing in the community and writing in the classroom. It stages the city of Portland's annual book and literary festival, the largest celebration of books and writers in the Northwest. Wordstock 2012 will be held October 4th and 5th at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon. The Wordstock Book Fair will feature over 200 writers and over 20 panels on several stages over two days with hundreds of exhibits, food, performances and more.

This page is great if you are wondering what books TO READ RIGHT NOW and bring or buy at Wordstock.  Each other's most recent book will be sold at the Festival.  Or you can bring your own copy along to have signed and personalized.

Alright here we go!  I have included the links to each of their very own websites for you to learn ALL about them and all their books.  The books listed below are the most recent or upcoming release that will be featured at Wordstock. 

Goodreads Complete List (Click to see what to read beforehand)**

Anne Osterlund  - 'Salvation' 

April Tucholke - 'Between the Devil & the Deep Blue Sea' 

Bethany Griffin -Dance of the Red Death' (Masque of the Red Death, #2)

*Cat Patrick - 'The Originals' 

*Cat Patrick & *Suzanne Young - 'Just Like Fate' 

Cat Winters - 'In the Shadow of Blackbirds' 

Cinda Williams Chima - 'The Enchanter Heir'

Claudia Gray - 'Spellcaster' 

Corey Haydu - 'OCD Love Story'

Corina Vacco - 'My Chemical Mountain' 

Dan Krokos - 'False Sight'

Emma Trevayne - 'CODA'

Francesca Lia Block'Love in the Time of Global Warming' 

Gayle Forman - 'Just One Year' Just One Day #2

Jennifer Bosworth - 'Struck'

Jennifer Johansson - 'Insomnia #1'

Jessica Brody - 'Unremembered' 

Jill Wolfson - 'Furious'

Josin McQuein - 'Arclight'

Kari Luna - 'The Theory of Everything' 

Keary Taylor - 'What I Didn’t Say' 

Kendare Blake - 'AntiGoddess' 

Kevin Emerson - 'The Dark Shore'  The Atlanteans #2

Liz Fichera - 'Hooked'

Maggie Stiefvater - 'The Dream Thieves' The Raven Cycle #2

Malinda Lo - 'Inheritance' 

Marissa Meyer - 'Scarlet' 

Martha Brockenbrough - 'The Dinosaur Tooth Fairy'

Melanie Thorne - 'Hand Me Down' 

Miranda Kenneally - 'Things I Can’t Forget'

Nancy Werlin - 'Unthinkable'

Robin Wasserman - 'The Waking Dark' 

Ron Koertge - 'Coaltown Jesus' 

Ruth Tenzer Feldman - 'The Ninth Day'

Sara Polsky - 'This is How I Find Her' 

Sean Beaudoin - 'Wise Young Fool' 

Stasia Ward Kehoe - 'Audition' 

Stephanie Perkins 'Lola & The Boy Next Door' 

Stephanie Stuve-Bodeen - 'The Fallout' 

*Suzanne Young - 'The Program' 

Tara Kelly - 'Amplified'

Teri Brown'Born of Illusion' 

* - This author has a 2013 book of her own as well as a 2013 book written with another author
**-Click on Author or Title on the top of the list for it to Alphabetize the books for you

Wondering how you can attend the Festival?  Here are the details:

Wordstock Festival is being held at the Portland Convention Center from October 4-6, 2013 with events in the days leading up to the Festival.  These events include Chalkstalk and Authors at the Library.

Follow Wordstock online at Facebook, Twitter and the official Website
Tickets will be available in advance online for adults $9/per day and $11/per day at the door along with student tickets (with I.D.) $5/per day and memberships to support Wordstock's year round work which includes Festival Tickets can be found HERE. Kids 0-13 are FREE.

OR you can be super duper amazing and SIGN UP TO VOLUNTEER! I volunteered last year and had a great time.  Plus...hello you get a fun shirt!  Information about the Teams you can volunteer for are included at the bottom of that page.

Questions about anything I missed? Leave a comment! Or tweet me.


  1. I have a question that I'm having a tough time finding the answer to:

    Do you have to have a membership to actually go to the festival? I'm specifically wondering about the Book Fair.

  2. Katilin - Great question. NO you do not need a membership. Ticket prices have not been finalized yet but they run around $10 per adult. Children under 12 are free. The ticket covers everything in the Festival other than the Workshops which have additional pricing. And off site events are also different priced. But the $10 or so that it is to get in will cover you seeing ALL the YA authors and having your books signed.

    Mel of NNN

    1. Thank you so much. This has helped a lot!

    2. Your welcome! I'm sure you aren't the only one who wondered that. :)

  3. Wow, this list is GREAT! I can't WAIT!


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