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Candace Reviews Clan by Realm Lovejoy

Clan by Realm Lovejoy
ebook, 350 pages
Published: November 12, 2013
Source: Author

Clans are Unity.

No variation. No deviation.

On Clades, to be a Clan is to be an exact copy.
A perfect society cloning themselves to survive,
even as the zombielike Frags threaten to overrun them
on an unforgiving planet.

Clan 1672 (privately known as Twain)
was never supposed to survive the Incubation Tank.
But he did. Illegally.
He is different from the other Clans.

A secret that could destroy him.

Clan is a very different sort of book.  I went in feeling pretty clueless about it since there were no reviews up yet and all I really knew was that it was sci-fi.  And it is, and initially feels very sci-fi as you start the book.  It feels maybe a bit frigid and sterile.  There's not really much emotion.  We see that Twain is stifled in a home with his sponsor and that he's never seen the outside.  One day he finds a way to look out and someone sees him and then his sponsor points out why he couldn't go out before, he has blue eyes and everyone else has brown.  He is a mutant, different.  This is because every single 'person' who they call 'clan' is a clone of their 'father'.  So everyone looks exactly the same.  They live in this society where they aren't suppose to be individuals. No laughter, no fun.  Just learn and do what you need to do to keep things together.  Twain only barely is allowed to live and they put him out in society to be with the others and contribute.  He gets some bullying, which is the first sign that some of the clans do have individual thoughts and opinions.  As the book continues we see this is true for most of them, even if they fight it.  Twain is introduced to a sort of underground and is told he may need to escape there one day to avoid execution because of being a mutant.
Twain starts out being a rule follower, it was what he was taught his whole life by his sponsor.  But he also wasn't out in society and now that he's out and he realizes all his own thoughts and opinions may not be clan and aline with what they are suppose to think.  He slowly grows into a much more free thinking character with opinions and cares.  He cares about others and when it comes down to really needing to step up he does so, fighting against the societal norm to protect others and himself.

Twain makes two friends, one of which is a total surprise and it shows that everything isn't black and white.  While initially I had thought he could be the death of Twain, I was impressed when he became a protector.  The other is a friend he made immediately who is much different from the others.  In fact, he almost stands out as different to everyone because he has such individual thoughts and opinions and has trouble keeping them to himself.  I felt the author did an amazing job in creating characters that were really multidimensional.   
Initially I felt the book was a tad slow, but it was just being introduced to the world and seeing how it is.  Getting a feel for the city filled with clones of one man.  All looking the same and only differentiated by the numbers on their clothing and the chip in their body identifying their number.  Once Twain starts to have more individual thought and is introduced to the other side of this society, one with more dirty secrets then he could imagine, the story really takes off.  At this point it was hard to put down.

This book has a lot of twists. Because of the nature of it, it wasn't really possible to predict anything.  With my brain constantly trying to figure out what might happen next, I just found myself surprised over and over again.  I would think one thing only to be shocked by the events that occurred.   Because of twists and turns it's not possible to really talk about the plot too much.  It was one that was filled with crazyness and tension.  There were lots of moments where I couldn't believe anyone could actually survive what was happening.  Twain was close to be killed more then once and it was a wild ride!

The ending of the book caught me off guard.  I was at 96% and there was still so much we needed to know!  Well, the author fills us in about what happened, and it worked out well.  It was an ending that really made me smile because I wasn't sure that things could possibly work out.  Just the fact that ANYONE lived, would make me smile though, cause that was CRAZY-TOWN!

I definitely do recommend this book to mature YA readers who enjoy sci-fi and twisty plots.  Excellent read!

Realm Lovejoy is an American writer and an artist. She grew up in both Washington State and the Japanese Alps of Nagano, Japan. Currently, she lives in Seattle and works as an artist in the video game industry. CLAN is her first book. You can find out more about her and her book at

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Disclosure: I received this book for review purposes, all opinions expressed are my own and I was not paid or influenced in any way.

Candace is a wife and mother to two. She’s blogged at Candace’s Book Blog since November 2008. She enjoys a variety of genres including anything and everything young adult, some adult urban fantasy, a little bit of adult paranormal romance, some historical fiction and reads lots of childrens books. You can find her on her blog at, twitter @candacemom2two and on goodreads.

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