Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Between Two Worlds by Katherine Kirkpatrick @ReadKirkpatrick

Happy Book Birthday to 'Between Two World's' by Katherine Kirkpatrick

Published by Wendy Lamb Books/ Random House on April 8, 2014

On the treeless shores of Itta, Greenland, as far north as humans can settle, 16-year-old Inuit Billy Bah spots a ship far out among the icebergs on the bay—a sight both welcome and feared. Explorers have already left their indelible mark on her land and its people, and a ship full of white men can mean trouble.

The ship carries provisions for Robert E. Peary, who is making an expedition to the North Pole. As a child, Billy Bah spent a year in America with Peary’s family. When her parents went to America years later, they died tragically. Now, Peary’s wife, daughter, and crew are in Itta to bring him supplies. Winter comes on fast, and when the ship gets caught in the ice, Billy Bah sets out to find Peary. The journey will imperil her life, and that of the man she loves.

By turns lyrical and gripping, Between Two Worlds is an impassioned coming-of-age novel set in a land of breathtaking beauty and danger, where nature and love are powerful and unpredictable forces.

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  1. Greetings to my literary Northwest neigbhors. Thanks so much for having me on the site, Mel!

  2. Congratulations on your new book... I like the cover!and look forward to reading it. Jane g.


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