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The Dark Shore by @kcemerson Review

The Dark Shore (Atlanteans #2) by Kevin Emerson
Published by Katherine Tegan Books on May 21, 2013.

A while back, I read and reviewed an amazing book called 'The Lost Code'.  
'The Lost Code' is book 1 in The Atlanteans series and I'm back today to catch everyone up with a review of 'The Dark Shore'.  Are you ready?

When it came time to read 'The Dark Shore', I was excited to finally see and experience life outside the Dome.  Plus I'm all about road trips, okay this is an aeronautical trip, but you get my drift.

This has got to be one of the best series I've found that uses dynamic prologues filled with verse and pieces from future portions of the book.  I find myself going back to re-read them as they relate so well at various points.  There have definitely been books out there where I have barely taken in the bits at the beginning or never understood their relevance.

As per usual, Kevin managed to trip me up with shocking reveals and revelations about characters I thought I had a pretty good handle on in 'The Lost Code'.  No I do not mean Paul is suddenly anyones best friend or savior.  Although that would definitely add to the drama if he did a complete 180 and was suddenly actually caring about someone other then himself and his desires.

For the Prophecy of Three, it was actually in this book that I decided if each of us could choose which we could be that I'd desire to be the Mariner.  Which would you be?  The funny thing is if we were basing this on actual abilities I would be the Aeronaut.  My friends would agree.  I'm always the driver for our outings.

I do admit I'm partial to love triangles IF they are well executed.  Kevin does not disappoint.  The triangle between Owen, Lilly and a new character felt like a perfect fit!  Plus I really enjoyed the tension it created for Owen.  The way he handled the situations felt true to a 15 year old.  When you read that part I dare you to stop and consider how YOU handled situations at that age with those you were attracted to.  It was not pretty.  I cringe just thinking about my high school experience in that area.  OH BOY!  Moving on...

The final scenes in 'The Dark Shore' were probably the most thrilling.  At the same time I was nearly sick over a few key moments.  *shakes head*  There are no words.  Read it and you will see.  I do warn you NOT to eat while you are finishing this book though.  HEED MY WARNING!

Stay tuned for my preview of 'The Far Dawn' which is the final book of the series due out this August!

About the author: Kevin is the author of the OLIVER NOCTURNE series and CARLOS IS GONNA GET IT. His new novel, EXILE, the first book in the Exile series, came out April 29th.

Kevin is also a musician. His current project is music for the Exile trilogy, where he wrote music that is included in the book and audiobook.  

Find Kevin at: Goodreads and Twitter and of course his website!

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