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The Far Dawn by @kcemerson Review

The Far Dawn by Kevin Emerson
Published by Katherine Tegan Books on August 26, 2014
Review copy: e-ARC

If you want to read the reviews in order here are reviews for The Lost Code and The Dark Shore.

After reading first two books in the Atlanteans series I was thrilled to find 'The Far Dawn' on Edelweiss a few weeks back.  And so, with warnings directly from Kevin about how I would hate him afterward, I went to a local cafe and dedicated my entire day to reading it.  I live tweeted while I was reading it in a non spoilery way.  It was fun to hear Kevin's thoughts based on my tweets.

Kevin's books pack a lot of punch and I was left worried about how Lily and Owen would survive once they left Desenna in 'The Dark Shore' .  Opening the book with lyrical verse about three coffins couldn't have scared me any more if he had tried.  Who had died?  Who was thinking about this happening? What a prologue!

Not only is the beginning a surprise but in a shocking move a character we haven't seen since 'The Lost Code' rejoins the story in the part 1.  Yes, I was shocked.  In fact I wrote myself a note about it and tweeted about it as well!

By chapter 4 I began to understand why he thought I would not want to talk to him ever again.  I mean...GEEZ!  Fun trivia, Kevin waited 3 years to reveal the doozy that happened in chapter 7.  I am completely evil for making you read the ENTIRE book to find out what I mean.  When I tweeted updates I had questions and sometimes Kevin would answer.  (Find Kevin on twitter @kcemerson, he tweets about his music and books!)

Once I hit chapter 12, I was sure I had figured out what may happen next, boy was I wrong.  All this time, from pretty early on in 'The Lost Code' you will have a certain idea about Owen but turns out he is not who we all think he is.  Intrigued?  You should be...I can tell you that you will not expect the twists and turns that Owen faces.

When I happened upon chapter 19, I wondered why Owen made the very tough choice that he did.  In fact, I've had discussions with a co-worker about it and I'm still unresolved on it.  This part has stuck with me.  I still wonder about it and I wonder what others will think about it.  Mostly because it seemed strange to me that this plan was Owen's and I wondered how he came up with it.  I'm being secretive but it's important to the storyline so look out!  

Admittedly as I read closer and closer to the end I started wondering if there would be a book 4.  I had no idea how Owen's story would be resolved by the time I arrived at the last page.  In fact the last few pages I almost started yelling because I was so freaked out about what may or may not be happening.  All this is to say  you won't be able to put this book down.

Things that I still wonder about:
1. If Kevin drew up a map of where the Bio-Dome is and all the places that Owen and Lily travel to throughout the trilogy?
2. Because I've read the trilogy spread out a year between 'The Lost Code' and 'The Dark Shore' and then another 6 months until I read 'The Far Dawn', I wonder what the full time line is for the trilogy?

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About the author: Kevin is the author of the OLIVER NOCTURNE series and CARLOS IS GONNA GET IT. His new novel, EXILE, the first book in the Exile series, came out April 29th.

Kevin is also a musician. His current project is music for the Exile trilogy, where he wrote music that is included in the book and audiobook.  

Find Kevin at: Goodreads and Twitter and of course his website!

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