Friday, November 7, 2014

Blog Tour for The Ever Afters by @shelby_bach

We are excited today to have Shelby Bach stopping by to tell us a bit more about Tethanill or as we humans call it Fey Fudge. YUM!  I'm hungry for some right now.  
In fact if you stopped by From The Mixed-Up Files blog stop you saw the recipe for the Fudge.  YUM!

If you aren't familiar with Shelby's books here are the amazing looking cover.  
Personally I think they based the main character on Shelby when she was younger.

Today we have a special guest, some of you may know Lady Aspenwind.  
Today she is here to give us some background information on Tethanill.  
Here we go! (Click the Recipe if you want to see it bigger!)

History of Fey Fudge

We Fey have been drinking chocolate as long as the Mayans, but it was the Aspenwind clan that invented Tethanill, what you call—somewhat demeaningly—“Fey fudge.” In the sixteenth century, soon after the Europeans brought back cocao beans from the Americas, chocolate had grown very popular among wealthy humans. This included, of course, many of the Characters of Ever After School’s European branch.

During this period, our Unseelie patrols routinely captured Characters trespassing through our lands on quests in Atlantis, and more than one tried to buy their freedom from King Nesivar with chocolate. It didn’t work, of course. (King Nesivar is the father of King Navaire, but though he was not as famous or as tyrannical as his son, he was still a very unpleasant individual.)

In any case, upon every offer, King Nesivar merely took the Character’s chocolate and threw the human into the Unseelie dungeons to await rescue or death, whichever came first. On one of these occasions, when the bribe was attempted, King Nesivar told the Character that a chocolate drink was too common to earn his favor. “If you could produce an inhalable vapor or a solid foodstuff for me to enjoy, perhaps then your chocolate might have earned you leniency,” he added before the Character was carted away to the dungeon.

It is very likely that King Nesivar said this merely to taunt the Character, but my great- great-grandmother, Lady Winaila Aspenwind, thought that solid chocolate—something as tasty as the drink but irresistibly smooth and creamy—might be a fine treat. For three months, she labored and experimented with her serving elves until she finally settled upon a recipe that matched her vision. Then she cut a small piece, marched it up to King Nesivar, and offered it as a gift to the Unseelie monarch. Both he and the court’s official tastetester were immediately infatuated with the dessert. King Nesivar even demanded more Tehthanill. Lady Winaila Aspenwind said that she would bring him some just as soon as he freed all the Characters from the Unseelie dungeons.

I wish I could say that my great-great-grandmother was motivated by a fondness for humans as strong as my own, but I’m afraid that her mercy was a clever means of spreading the word about her new recipe. Soon after the prisoners’ release, the entire magical world was talking about the chocolate that could sway kings and unlock dungeons, and Tehthanill was in high demand. The Aspenwind clan gained much wealth by this recipe, and to this day, it is one of the most profitable Fey exports. Though a human Character at an American college developed a vastly inferior, magic-free version almost a century and a half ago, no one outside of the Unseelie Court has seen the original recipe...until now.

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Want to know more about the author? 

Shelby Bach was born in Houston, Texas and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, but while writing THE EVER AFTERS, she moved almost as many times as her main character. She came up with the idea for the series right before she left New York City, and she finished the first book, OF GIANTS AND ICE, in Montana— the second, OF WITCHES AND WIND, back in Charlotte. Driving up the West Coast to research the settings for the third book, OF SORCERY AND SNOW, Shelby fell in love with Portland, Oregon and settled there. She would love to set up a Door Trek system in her apartment to visit her family and friends around the country, but she makes due with much slower and less fictional transportation. These days, while finishing up the fourth and final book, she also works part time for a real-life afterschool program. It is strangely similar to the one where her stories are set—except the students study math instead of fairy tales.

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